Company Leadership

Don Wright



Chief Executive Officer

Don brings decades of informatics and healthcare leadership to Clarigent Health.   Prior to Clarigent, he spent the past decade growing Assurex Health from technology invented at Mayo Clinic and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to a company of over 500 employees serving almost one million people with mental health conditions. Assurex Health was acquired in 2016 by Myriad Genetics then allowing Don to use his more than 25 years of experience to assist others turning their ideas into hyper-growth companies. 

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Bill Haynes


Vice President 

Chief Technology Officer

Bill has an extensive background in software development and design, IT infrastructure and systems, and management of teams. Bill previously worked at Assurex Health as the Senior Director of Corporate Quality and Systems. During his time there, Bill performed leadership roles in the Customer Support, Billing, Quality Assurance, IT, Facilities, Laboratory, and Software Development departments. Prior to Assurex Health,  Bill also worked at Spotlight Solutions which was acquired by ProfitLogic. 

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Marci Campbell


Vice President



Marci is a creative and innovative Technology Product Solutions Leader with expertise in product development, product marketing and educational instruction.  Prior to joining Clarigent Health, Marci consulted for 3 years as a technical product manager for several Cincinnati startups providing strategic guidance and day to day agile execution in the development of educational services, food and beverage tracking, and fitness content services. 

Before that, she spent 10 years at Knovation Learning as the VP of Solutions ...

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Lesley Klum Rohlfs, MS



Clinical Research Operations

Lesley brings to Clarigent a decade of experience as a Mental Health Specialist and clinical research in Pediatric Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s. In her role has a Mental Health Specialist she was involved in improvement projects and was a Children’s Point of Scholar in 2012, conducting research in the field of trauma informed care for the reduction of restraint and seclusion in inpatient pediatric psychiatric units. Most recently, ...

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Josiah Allen



Medical Affairs


For more than 10 years, Josiah has been a leader in the field of personalized medicine. He has led multiple scientific efforts including clinical research, product development, and clinical adoption & implementation for top-tier organizations such as the Mayo Clinic and Assurex Health. He has authored more than a dozen peer-reviewed publications in precision medicine in psychiatry and has lectured extensively on clinical applications of precision medicine in psychiatry to ...

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Bill Nostheide



Quality Assurance

Bill brings decades of experience in quality assurance and project management to Clarigent Health.  He has worked for the federal government, banking industry, universities and Fortune 500 companies.  Bill has performed leadership roles in IT, Customer Support, Quality Assurance and Training.  He has led global business application design and development teams as well as teams creating children’s educational applications.

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